I am a curious and passionate person, determined to make the world a better place.

I envision building a community based on support, trust, and hope. So I wake up every morning looking for new and creative ways to add value to our community.

My mission at its core is to inspire emerging-adults to stand out, help them find their true purpose in life and to lead them achieve their dreams and goals.

In my exceptional journey at York University (studying Kinesiology and Health Science), through the ‘HealthAid Network’, I had the opportunity of mentoring first-year students coming into the university to succeed academically and develop their personal skills going forward.

With that invaluable experience of coaching young adults, I then went on to start a non-profit organization called ‘The InLight Network’ which aims to ease the transition of high school students into the university.

I am an individual who also cares deeply about the social issues present in our community and am constantly researching for innovative ways to address them with the power of our community. ‘Positive Challenge’, is a non-profit campaign founded in 2016 with this sole purpose.

If your work is in some way aimed at making the world a better place and you would like me to join, or are interested in the projects that I am currently involved with, please do not hesitate to send me a message on LinkedIn. I would be happy to have a coffee and chat with you.

PS. The blue words represent my values in life 🙂