My 2018 in Review

Arvin Ardakani/ January 1, 2019/ Personal Development

Here I am. On first day of 2019, reflecting on everything that happened last year. 2018 was challenging, but I loved every step of the way. Because new challenges mean growth, and growth means progress towards something bigger. But WOW! What an adventure it was last year.

In 2018, I had to be the most courageous version of myself. Surprisingly, I saw the sides of myself I’ve never seen. I saw what an strong and resilient person I can be in difficult situations and under pressure.

It was in 2018 that I realized I’m not satisfied with the future I’m building for myself. I didn’t want to keep going in the wrong path, so I decided to make some huge changes to my life. I had to step into the unknown and overcome the fear that comes with it. I knew some changes were necessarily to create a fulfilling life for myself. Otherwise, I would be very dissatisfied and unhappy for the rest of my life.

No matter how scary it was, I took full control and responsibility of my life and made these radical changes with the goal of reaching deeper fulfillment and satisfaction in life. I’m very happy that I made these decisions for myself and in this journey I learned a lot and grew as a person.


I learned the value of authenticity. And how important it is to express my real self to the world.

I learned how important it is to live for myself. A life lived based on other people’s criteria of a “good life” will never give us fulfillment and deeper life satisfaction.

I learned that having conflict with people around me is not necessarily a bad thing. It actually is an opportunity to be a more authentic person and create real connections with others.

I learned that we can be lonely even when we have many friends around us. I learned that it is not about the number of people we know, or whether they are even there or not. It is about the quality of our connections with each other, and whether we all share the same values.

I learned the hard way that not everyone is a giver. There are some people who want to take and take from others without giving anything in return. There are some toxic people out there that we have to look out for and maintain boundaries with. I personally experienced how toxic people can have lasting negative impact on our minds. I wish I had acted faster when I came across these people in my life to prevent them from affecting me this much. But still, I am very proud of myself that I finally had the courage to cut these people out of my life in the last months of 2018, and free myself from all the negativity they bring with themselves.

I learned the value of social support. We all need people who encourage us to keep going when we are doubting ourselves, and who show us the light when we are stuck in darkness and can’t see the road ahead. I started my new project/business this year and I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have the emotional support of my amazing mentor/teacher/coach, Dr. Mazen Hamadeh. Also I am grateful for having the support of Dr. Richard Lalonde and Dr. Fahimeh Mianji, for helping me in the beginning of The Successful Immigrant Project with the research part of it. On top of these, some of my friends whole-heartedly supported me, believed in me, and listened to me without judgement when I was lost and needed help. I am very grateful for having these people in my life and will never take them for granted.


Finishing 2018 with so many lessons learned, I am very excited and looking forward to new adventures in 2019! I’d also like to invite you to join me in making this year unforgettable! Let’s make 2019 a year, filled with joy, love, and success!


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